More than one missing tooth? Here’s what you need to do

Open any magazine or turn on the TV, and the most immediate thing that will greet you is a plethora of actors and models with impossibly perfect smiles and bright white teeth.

For many people around the UK, this ‘ideal’ or ‘perfect’ smile is a dream which is spoilt by the appearance of gaps and missing teeth.

These unsightly gaps are nothing to be ashamed of, but often missing teeth can cause social embarrassment or contribute to low self-esteem.

Missing teeth can also inhibit our ability to chew and digest food properly, leading to other health complications. Learn more.


The more traditional option for replacing multiple missing teeth is the use of dentures. For years, this method was the go-to option for patients wanting to smile again.

This method can produce reasonable results and is available to many regular dentists. Still, the technology is old and has largely been superseded by the more impressive implant-supported dentures. See more here.

All on Four

In dentistry, great leaps forward are being made all the time, ensuring that procedures that once were at the cutting edge of science are now affordable and part of regular, everyday dentistry.

A safe and effective way to replace missing teeth and fill in those unsightly gaps is the incredible ‘All on Four’ or ‘All on Six’ technology that has recently entered the mainstream of modern dentistry.

Ignoring Missing Teeth

While dentures might be old fashioned and not as effective as All on Four implants, they are still a better option than ignoring the issue completely.

Dental experts will agree that not taking action in the face of tooth loss can have significant longer-term complications for your health and mental well-being. Jaw bone loss, chronic pain and facial disfigurement are all possibilities if missing teeth are not treated.

So take the advice of the experts and don’t ignore tooth loss.

Speak to a dentist today about whether traditional dentures or All on Four implants are right for you.